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GM GDS 2 Overview

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Education and preparation power GDS 2 competency

General Motors (GM) has launched Global Diagnostic System 2 (GDS 2) – its next generation, PC-based vehicle diagnostic system. GDS 2 is a PC-based platform that builds on the original GDS application, but also incorporates several new features, based on technician input. Combined with a Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI), GDS 2 provides an exclusive, effective and efficient system for the diagnosis of all the automaker’s new Global Architecture vehicles. 

More technician-friendly data acquisition

GDS 2 will take the place of the original GDS and the Tech 2 scan tool when communicating and diagnosing vehicle on-board electrical systems for all GM Global A automobiles. To date, these include the Chevrolet Camaro, Equinox, Cruze and Volt; the Buick LaCrosse and Regal; the GMC Terrain; and the Cadillac SRX. Technicians should note that Tech 2 communication for diagnostic purposes will not be permitted or supported for these vehicles.

"Technicians using GDS 2 with an MDI will find the improved user interface provides them with quick, simple and more useful data acquisition," says Matt Singer, MDI/GDS/GDS 2 Brand Quality Manager for GM. "Similar to the original GDS, the new system works with simple menu-driven commands."

Singer adds that the improved GDS 2 also incorporates several new user interface features, based on feedback from technicians, that improve usability and productivity. These include Stored Data, Automatic MDI Connection, VIN Decode and several printing enhancements – each of which is described in the slideshow. More detailed information is available in GM training material.

GDS 2 is delivered to service facility and technician computers over the Internet via the TIS2WEB home page. Once logged-in, simply click on the GDS 2 icon. Clicking the ‘Start GDS 2’ button will then initiate the application download and install GDS 2. Actual installation time will be dependent upon the Internet bandwidth available during the download process.

"GM dealers are required to purchase all Techline products under our agreement," Singer notes. "These include service information, service programming, diagnostic software and TIS 2 Web updates. These are not broken out by product like we offer to the aftermarket."

GDS 2 competency requires preparation and education, whether a dealer or independent
While steps have been taken to ensure a smooth launch of the GDS 2 platform, there is still a need for adequate dealer and technician preparation. Becoming proficient with GDS 2 will help technicians and facilities complete service and repairs properly, the first time. It will also prevent the comebacks that those who are less-competent or ill-prepared incur.

Those interested in preparing for and using GDS 2 should note the following:

  • IT requirements for GDS 2 — Computers must have a minimum of 2GB of RAM, use an Intel Core processor and employ a valid Windows 7 Professional 32-bit operating system. In addition, the websites also provide specifications for mobile computing devices (e.g., a laptop or a tablet PC), which can be used when performing diagnostic procedures during a road test. A list of Techline-approved devices is also available.
  • GM requires the GDS 2 application to be loaded on each shop computer individually — Once the initial application installation is complete, GDS 2 will run in either a standalone mode when launched from the PC Desktop icon or from TIS2WEB, much the same as the GDS predecessor.
  • Tightened Security — For security purposes, each user ID must launch GDS 2 from TIS2WEB at least once every seven days. Similar to other GM service applications, GDS 2 will also require the user to have administrative rights on the local computer. Facilities must be cognizant that if the Techline PC User ID does not have administrative rights and applications are not allowed to perform updates, then technicians will be unable to properly diagnose and program vehicles.

"In summary, GDS 2 has been re-engineered to provide smaller downloads, a quicker user interface to access data and complete data retrieval through stored data," Stewart explains. "PC-based diagnostics opens the door for more in-depth diagnostic processes utilizing the PC processor / memory capabilities, display capabilities as well as network based access to communicate."

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